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Camera and Lenses 

The only reason this page exists is  that I do get asked by people more often than one would expect -  what cameras and lenses do you use? I think that's not a correct question. One should be asking - do you use backup cameras and lenses in case your main equipment fail? Not what brand or model of cameras do you use.  
Every DSLR and newer mirrorless cameras, even the cheapest ones made after 2004 is good enough to publish great looking enlargements or double page spread on a magazine.  My photos will look no different even if i use the cheapest camera or the best one currently made today.  Owning a golden pen would not make me a poet. Owning a late 50's Gibson les paul would make me sound like Jimmy Page.

I do use professional grade cameras and some great lenses which enable me to work even in very low light and difficult circumstances. I also use plenty of backup gear and variety of lenses and carry an arsenal of flash units and reflectors to augment, modify or even overpower existing or create light. I do not rely on luck and hope I would get good light on the wedding day. I carry my own at all times. There is no excuse for a bad photo.

The cameras and lenses are not relevant to the quality of photographs. I am not loyal any brand, I just happen to own cameras and lenses from the Canon EOS Digital camera system. I always carry a backup and second backup camera to make sure I will be able to complete my assignment even if my primary camera or lens or flash fail while working.

The cameras and accessories I use currently:

Canon 5D MkIII 
Canon 5D Classic

Tamron 24-70 F2.8 VC 
Canon 17-40mm F4 L 
Canon 70-200mm F4 L IS 
Canon 85mm F1.8
Canon 40mm F2.8 
Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro
Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM 

Quantum T5DR Flash and 
Canon 580EX II flash
Canon 430EX II flash and 
Yongnuo STE-2 Transmitter
Yongnuo YN622C Transrecievers
Yonguo and Lastolite TTL flash cords
Yongnuo YN560II speedlights as radio controlled wireless slaves
Photoflex softbox and reflectors
Photoflex and Manfrotto Light stands
Amvona Dynatran Carbon Fiber Tripod with Benro Ball Head

I also use an Olympus EPL1 with Lumix 14mm F2.5 lens which is my carry anywhere jpg camera.

I use Vanguard Rolling Camera Case as my base station and work off a smaller Lowepro Backpack or Thinktank Urban Disguise 35 shoulder bag depending on the situation and nature of assignment.

Canon cameras and Lenses that I useCanon EOS Digital System